Waters of Summer©

I love nature.  Somehow it links me to something greater.  I love it when the arts do this too.  It's thrilling. I hope this film achieves that.  

When I first visited The Thousand Islands in June, it seemed I had arrived at a secret place -- filled with peace, grand beauty and adventure.  Perhaps it was the powerful river, great rocks, tall pines and soaring eagle that brought this sense.  I'm sure they helped.  The place seems to hold a unique power that quiets thought.  It's probably more of a mental place than a physical one, but The Thousand Islands hold many qualities that helped me get there.   In that place, I've glimpsed those unseen laws, the ones perceived when thought is still and wonderful things have happened. 

I think Harold Pinter captures what I'm speaking of in his poem I know the place.

I know the place.

It is true.

Everything we do

Corrects the space

Between death and me

And you. 

                -Harold Pinter

I’ve always been intrigued by the question, “What is reality?”  This film explores that in relation to death, injury and love.

Knowing and trusting what’s within and following it, often takes courage.  I think many are scared of change, especially the unknown, understandably, or perhaps they don’t know what they really want so it’s hard to pursue it, causing them to stay in a safe, less happy, settled state of existence.  This film looks at that too.

This story is close to me in many ways.  At times it’s inspired by actual events and history.  I’ve also learned from it, by listening to the characters as they speak, especially to the children.

~ Katherine Boynton

DIRECTOR's Statement